By Chain by Furlong, Laser Cut Steel, Threaded rod, Bolts, Slate Boulder
164 x 245 x 130 cm, 2016


Jack West crosses the virtual with the mechanical with his CGI video works and sculptures. His works could be seen as elements to a machine, cogs in a chain, pushing, pulling, hitting, sorting, sweeping. Born from a process of heavy industry, cut by lasers from metal sheets only to end up in a life of static redundancy. Poised for action but still somehow limp.

Castor exhibitions:
Time and Attendance (2017)


Running On Empty, Lasercut Steel, Rubber, Bolts, 153 x 120 x 5cm, 2017


Array Object #1, Laser cut steel and oak, 64 x 45 x 26.5 cm, 2017. Edition of 3