Dazed and Confused - The artist-run spaces in London to get to know
28 September 2016

by Francesca Gavin

It would be stupid to say gentrification isn’t affecting modern cities – London in particular. It would just as stupid, however, to say that all creativity has left the city, the capital is a cultural cul de sac and the art world is dead. Blow that. On the eve of Art Licks Weekend, which brings together artist-run spaces across the city for a three days of events, openings and art stuff, here are ten young art spaces in London that are garden fresh.

Castor Projects is a gallery run in a basement of a café in New Cross set up by artist Andy Wicks. However, with Goldsmiths around the corner, it’s not a bad location for a space working with emerging artist interesting in site responsive shows. Young names like Derek Mainella, who made an installation that glowed in UV, Kate McMilan’s impressive fusion of bronze alloy sculptures and video, and the current show by Claire Baily touching on art deco objects and architectural aesthetics.

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