The Concentration City, Oil, charcoal and spray paint on canvas, 150 x 130 cm, 2016



The paintings of Ben Jamie explore the boundaries between the grotesque and the saccharine and seek to turn the mundane into the unusual. Inspiration comes from many sources be it studio detritus, fly-tipping, transhumanism or fast food. Whilst based somewhere in reality, the paintings are fairly undisturbed by the real world.  This allows Jamie to create notional, metamorphic spaces, and fabricate an idealised past or future, which can be populated with allegorical figures and objects.

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Extreme Metaphors, Oil on Canvas, 250 x 220 cm, 2016


Neverending, Oil and spray paint on canvas, 145 x 145 cm, 2016


Total Mass Retain, Oil, spray paint, charcoal and distemper on canvas, 175 x 155 cm, 2016


and sorrow turned his eyes to mine, Oil on Canvas, 200 x 170 cm, 2016